Meet Libbe HaLevy, M.A.

Producer/Host, Nuclear Hotseat

Libbe HaLevy produces and hosts Nuclear Hotseat, the weekly international news magazine on all things anti-nuclear. She has been a TEDx speaker, an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, hosted rallies, and led media workshops at anti-nuclear conferences around the country. She is also the co-creator of Radiation Awareness Protection Talk, or RAPT (, an audio series on how to best protect from the negative impact of radioactivity on our health.

Nuclear Hotseat has been in weekly production since June 14, 2011. As of May, 2016, every month the program is downloaded in 112 countries on six continents and has received as many as half a million hits in a week.  The show provides nuclear news through serious reporting as well as comic relief (“Numnutz of the Week” for Nuclear Boneheadedness), jingles and sound effects.  Libbe’s insightful interviews w/nuclear experts on all aspects of the issue have broken national stories in mainstream media and been translated into German and Japanese.

The Mission Statement of Nuclear Hotseat:

  • Provide only verifiable information as news, so it can be trusted to be as accurate as possible.
  • When mistakes have been made, issue retractions and corrections immediately.
  • Provide context and continuity on stories, so that individual factoids and incidents can be seen as part of an overall pattern of nuclear policy, philosophy and danger.
  • Do whatever I can to keep the activist community in good heart.

Yes, I Glow in the Dark - Book by Libbe HaLevy.
HISTORY: Libbe was visiting friends one mile from the nuclear reactors at Three Mile Island in Middletown, Pennsylvania, when the nuclear accident happened on March 28, 1979.

Libbe is author of the Amazon #1 best-selling nuclear memoir, Yes, I Glow in the Dark!  One Mile from Three Mile Island to Fukushima and Beyond, available as an ebook on and coming out as a physical book in 2017.

During an extensive career in broadcasting, Libbe worked for WGN-TV, WGBH-TV, 20th Century Fox Studios, Norman Lear’s production companies, and many local radio stations.  A accomplished playwright and librettist, her plays and musicals have won awards, been produced internationally, and optioned for Broadway. For more than 20 years, she ran a musical theatre development organization, Broadway on Sunset, and produced shows for Joan Hotchkis and Tearsheets Productions. Now an experienced life and business coach (clients include stage and screen legend Julie Andrews), as well as a popular storyteller and sought-after public speaker, Libbe’s dream is to take Nuclear Hotseat international via satellite, cable or broadcast and continue to be a catalyst to help end all things nuclear. 

Along the way, she’d make a great Nuclear Pundit for any of the broadcast or cable comedy shows , as well as a consultant on nuclear issues for the film, television and entertainment industry.

Libbe HaLevy at
Japan Consulate “Die-In”
June 22, 2012