Radioactive waste dumping in the Bristol Channel off Cardiff Coast from UK nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point is being carried out by dredgers similar to this one (and leaving comparable plumes of pollution). Marine Biologist Tim Deere-Jones has shown increasing radiation exposure in Wales, UK.  


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  • A jaw-dropping interview with UK Marine Biologist Tim Deere-Jones on the true impact of nuclear industry dredge-and-drop of nuclear 600,000 cubic metres (approx 780,000 tons) of radioactive waste into the Bristol Channel off the coast of Wales.  He works as an independent Marine Pollution Researcher and Consultant with a client list that includes Greenpeace International, Greenpeace UK, Greenpeace Australia, Friends of the Earth, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, many citizens campaign groups, Local & Regional Authorities in UK , Ireland and across northwest coasts of Europe. He makes a point of stating he has NEVER worked for any industrial organization or national government or their agencies. We spoke on Thursday, September 9, 2021. He can be emailed at:

UK Marine Biologist and Researcher Tim Deere-Jones



In advance of the COP 26 UN Climate Conference, here is material to help you get up to speed on the basic anti-nuclear arguments:

Two videos to help your basic understanding of why nuclear reactors are not clean, green, or a rational part of any climate crisis strategy.

  • If you want a short, to-the-point discussion of Why Nuclear Power is NOT a Climate Solution – take 10 minutes and watch this video, produced by NEIS in Chicago:


  • Dr. Arjun Makhijani explains how the US economy can function totally on renewables without nuclear power or fossil fuels.  Originally posted in 2008!  What will it take for us to learn…?