Exelon’s Nuclear Bailout in Illinois – This cartoon from 2020 shows the exact same scheme, only the dollar amount for Exelon is waaaaaay higher!  


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  • Exelon’s nuclear bailout in Illinois is yet another in a series of scams to trick the public out of billions of taxpayer dollars with no guarantee of increased nuclear safety.  We talk with Dave Kraft,  Director of the Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS), headquartered in Chicago  He is a veteran of the battle to rein in nuclear industry excessive greed. He is a safe-energy/anti-nuclear advocate, and co-founder of NEIS who has served as its director since its inception in 1981. Prior to becoming a full-time energy activist, Dave’s academic background and training was in astronomy and psychology at Northwestern University and Northeastern University in Chicago. Kraft’s interest in the environment moved him to found NEIS with seven other people, to provide the public with credible information about the hazards and effects of nuclear power and waste, and the viable means to replace them.  We spoke on Monday, June 7, 2021. 

LINK to Article where Ex-Exelon Exec brags about the profitability of money spent lobbying on behalf of the company’s nuclear reactors: 

related to this week’s Featured Interview:

  • Tell your State Senator and Representative that the final legislation MUST include these:1.) No bailouts for Exelon’s unprofitable nuclear plants: You can’t build an energy future by bailout out the past. These reactors are solely the assets of a profitable private corporation – Exelon. It is their responsibility, and that of their Board, to find ways to run their assets profitably. Illinois ratepayers should not be viewed as an ATM machine for their corporate choices and failures. Nuclear bailouts have been shown to actually impede implementation of renewable energy. It’s the communities and workers affected by plant closures who will need the bailout, not profitable Exelon.
    2.) Significant equity clauses and “just-transitions” packages for nuclear, coal, and other fossil fuel generator and mining communities faced with severe economic disruption as a result of their inevitable closures. Ideally, these programs should be initiated prior to facility closure when possible, and the funds escrowed to be available to the communities and workers to protect their tax base and create replacement economic opportunities when the facilities finally cease operations.
    3.) Maximal financial support for an aggressive build-out of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, and improved electric transmission. If you want a 100% renewable energy future, then build one. Get to the State’s goal of 100% renewables by 2050 directly. Don’t waste more of OUR time and OUR money on soon to be extinct fossil fuels and nuclear power plants. To insure energy equity, make sure these buildouts are given priority to communities already economically disadvantaged or damaged from dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power.WHAT YOU MUST DO:Contact your State Senator and Representative, and the Governor and tell him/her that you want these three demands included in the final energy legislation, due to be completed by Friday, May 14.  Even if you are from another state or country, you can write to the Governor of Illinois:  https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/gov/contactus/Pages/VoiceAnOpinion.aspx

Dave Kraft (l) and you-know-who, mid-Zoom call. 

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Words, words, words… (as Shakespeare wrote for Hamlet).  How in one article, the nuclear industry’s talking points word list plays itself out ad infinitum.



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