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Nuclear Hotseat takes a look back at 2016 through the lens of Numnutz of the Week:

Thrill as you hear the unbelievable truths about:

  • Fukushima
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics (aka the NOlympics)
  • Rocky Flats
  • Radioactive waste shipments
  • Nuclear industry propaganda, spin and lies
  • Radioactive foods
  • How to legally buy depleted uranium – makes a great gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving…
  • Fun ways to recycle radwaste into… more radwaste!

And more!  Leading up to…

Numnutz of the Year – 2016!

It’s orange!  It’s bananas!  And it could be the death of us yet!  All in 140 characters or less…




  1. Thank you, as always, Libbe for your great work! This has been a fabulous year for Nuclear Hotseat and your brilliant reporting. Unfortunately, I see a lot of Job Security in your future!

    With much respect!


  2. herve courtois on

    I am very happy that you brought up the matter of contaminated foods and beverages, exported from Japan and Eastern Europe to other countries, perfidiously without any whatsover warning label, where people unknowingly buy them, consume them with all the possible harmful consequences to their health.

    At this stage only South Korea, Hong-Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan are the only countries where the populations are aware of that danger, opposing food imports coming from contaminated lands, and where the elected officials have really taken protective measures.

  3. If the general response worldwide is the arms race being bad cause it implies intentional spread of rad waste, could the intentional spread of rad waste from other means be considered a worldwide bad also. As a child, saying that I couldn’t help but to break a valued thing…

  4. Thank you for this simple, devastating reminder to avoid all things from Japan and Eastern Europe. The Rad-poison is the neverending story and total reality of our species. I g to it. Thank to you. When my Japanese friends “visit” Japan I make my self car about the radioactivity allover the frankly minor-league Island with the major-league radioactivity. i could not stop ’em, but I never let up. I love them both and I will never stop. Thanks for the encouragement token on keep’n on.

  5. Libbe: I talked to one of the Mothers for Nuclear Power in Chicago. I quoted Leona Morgan, a Dine and promoter of the film “Crying Earth, Rise Up”, saying, You may run into and old coal miner, but you’ll never see and old uranium miner. This mother was prepared for this question. She answered too, way too, quickly — the reason those uranium miners die young is that they smoke down in the mines. It’s smoking that kills them. I was not only too speechless to answer her, I was overtaken by the futility of further reasonable argument in spite of my curiosity about further questions she had been prepared to answer with memorized mantras.

    I have had a similar encounter with Mike Shellenberger. My intro was not intended to be conciliatory, but he immediately went to personal insult (“You don’t believe in science, but I do” — I have a bachelors degree in botany and a master’s in teaching math) to counter my disrespectful question. Earlier in the same session, when a registered-nurse friend of mine said her fears of nuclear power were not “unreasonable”, he called her a crazy old woman. (She’s at least 15 years less young and less crazy then I am.)

    Other mothers work at NPPs in Illinois and Michigan. They have hurt in their eyes when they bravely tell you they are not worried; they feel confident that they and their little ones are safe.

    • Hi Jan, Thanks for standing up to the nuclear bully; that takes guts. He’s using the Nazi technique of accusing the other of something worse than he is or does, only louder and more abusively. He’s playing to the crowd and trying to put out the fires of opposition. We need to strategize how to handle pro-nukers like this, because they’re just going to keep using these tactics. We can’t keep being “nice” and “reasonable;” we have to let our anger show and be more articulate than their bullying. Maybe the way to break the stranglehold is through those mothers, who on some level don’t accept the spin. Sorry you went through this. Sending hugs, Libbe.

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