#97: CHERNOBYL’S LEGACY – Yablokov, Dr. Janette Sherman, Chernobyl Survivor Bonnie Kouneva









Three special interviews on the Legacy of Chernobyl and the implications to Fukushima and the future of the people of Japan:

  • Chernobyl survivor Bonnie Kouneva, who as a 16-year-old lived in Bulgaria, 800 miles away from the nuclear disaster… but it wasn’t far enough.
  • Dr. Alexei Yablokov, who compiled over 5,000 research papers in multiple languages for the book, Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment, as well as co-founding Greenpeace, Russia.
  • Dr. Janette Sherman, known for her work with Joseph Mangano on statistical studies indicating infant deaths and hypothyroidism in the US after Fukushima as well as editing the English translation of Alexei Yablokov’s  book.


  • Los Angeles City Council votes unanimously to tell NRC to hold So Cal Edison to an Adjudicated Evidentiary Hearing on San Onofre – a BIG WIN!
  • Florida House committee passes bill to prevent Progress Energy from charging customers for the development of nuclear plants before they even obtain a license to build the sucker!
  • Shut It Down Affinity Group gets arrested yet again for blocking the driveway of Entergy’s Vermont Yankee NPP:
Ellen Graves is holding picture of Jaczko and Frances Crowe is holding the word-only poster. Photo by Hattie Nestle.

Ellen Graves (L) and Frances Crowe (R) – two Vermont Yankees blocking Vermont Yankee.  Photo by Hattie Nestle

  •  NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  US Nuclear Power and the Ebay Connection


  • Watch VP Joe Biden talk about nuclear in 2007; you’ll be surprised!

  • Video on non-seismically qualified Spent Fuel Pools in the US:




  1. Yup, we’re having all the same health problems in the UK as AGR reactors are given 10 year life extensions beyond their designed lifetimes. Even more problems with Caesium 137, Iodine 131, Strontium 90 etc from discharges through vents installed into the cores of defueled and decommissioning Magnox reactors. None of the UK nuclear regulators will act to stop these unnecessary premature deaths and birth defects. And the UK government is encouraging EDF to build new EPR nuclear reactors, starting with Hinkley C. Local politicians have no idea what risks this means; all they think about is bringing more jobs to large numbers of unemployed workers who would be better employed working on wind, wave, tidal and solar power all around the UK coast. We found Helen Caldicott’s Symposium most helpful; getting it wider public exposure is proving difficult.

    • PCAH, try sending out links to selected audios from the Symposium to local reporter, politicians, anyone you’re trying to get through to. Do the same w/anything you hear that works for you on Nuclear Hotseat. I have interviews going back almost two full years; use them to build your case. Cultivate the reporters, especially the columnists, who have more latitude to write about your issues. Share the medical information with local doctors or medical organizations. Spread the information; education is the key. GOOD LUCK AND GODSPEED! (And let Nuclear Hotseat know about any progress you make.)