INTERVIEW:  Producer/director Christopher Noland.  His documentary, “3.11: Surviving Japan,” captures the raw pain, confusion and anger of the Japanese people in the first six months after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster began.  As a rescue worker on the ground, Noland recorded first-hand the ravages created by the nuclear meltdowns and the birth of a country’s anti-nuclear movement in a personal, powerful way. Film debuts on 3/11/13 around the country. for day/time details or to book your own screening.

3.11 Surviving Japan



  • Hanford leaking up to two Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of plutonium-laden waste, endangering Columbia River;
  • Germany facing nuke waste dangers and admits they haven’t a clue how to handle it;
  • Nuke workers dying – three in February alone!
  • Rep. Markey suspects Southern California Edison, operators of San Onofre, guilty of violating federal securities laws;
  • Entergy gets spanked by Beyond Nuclear;
  • Gundersen reports on mutations and miscarriages in Japan.
  • And more!
CD So. California Nuclear Dangers & Disasters

Learn the facts about the steam generator failures at San Onofre and the 1959 Simi Valley no-containment meltdown. Go to: and scroll down the home page.