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Interview with Iori Mochizuki, blogger behind Fukushima Diary, on his journey from “normal person” to Japanese evacuee and citizen of the world… with a little help from his Internet friends.  Fascinating insights as to what the future may bring to Japan, including forced conscription, and what it’s like to be aware and to escape the dangers while one’s parents remain behind.


  • For only the second time in history, the NRC denies a request for a license!  NIRS Exec. Director Michael Mariotte labels this action, “A blow to the so-called ‘nuclear renaissance.'”
  • San Onofre to get cost/benefit analysis to see if it makes sense to attempt to reopen it (CLUE: The answer is NO!);
  • Dr. Michael Nobel of the Nobel Prize family focuses attention on radioactive contamination of milk and water in Hawaii and on US west coast;
  • Arnie Gundersen reports on Japan’s lawmakers laughing at TEPCO (see video below);
  • And double the Nuclear Numnutz this week:  Fukushima trying to attract Tokyo’s high school students as tourists <!> AND three cities in Saitama prefecture to recycle radioactive rubble from Fukushima as… cement <!>.  So much insanity, so little time…


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