NH #375: Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Nightmares, San Onofre Update, Radiation vs. Radioactivity: Dr. Gordon Edwards

Vermont Yankee protest from 2012, two years prior to shut-down.

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • An update on problems being faced with the decommissioning of the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vermont.  Sandra Levine is senior attorney with the Conservation Law Foundation in Montpelier, Vermont, where her work focuses on climate change, clean energy, land use, transportation and natural resource protection. I became aware of Sandy after I was sent a link to her op-ed article, Risky Vermont Yankee Transfer Should be Stopped.
  • Dr. Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, or CCNR, offers a brief masterclass in what radiation is and what it does.  This 10-minute talk was prepared for the Science for Peace Forum “How to Save the World in a Hurry,” held at the University of Toronto on May 30, 2018.  LINK to transcript, CLICK HERE

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Rocky Flats plutonium-contaminated Superfund site is rebranding itself as a “wildlife refuge” – and they’ve got the signage to manipulate it!

Activist Links:

  • Karl Grossman interviewed on the Evan Greer show
  • Keep Space for Peace Week – let them know about local events in your area by sending an email to: [email protected]
  • More from Dr. Gordon Edwards:  These five audio files, recorded on August 22, 2018 and dealing with the “Red Canoe” protests in Ottowa, have all been posted on the Digileak web site: