Japan Puts World in Radioactive Hot Water: Boycotts, Protests, Fukushima’s Tritium Dangers – Fairlie, Deere-Jones, Busby

In Seoul, South Korea, more than 50,000 gathered to condemn Japan’s release of radioactive tritium-contaminated water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean and urged the Korean government to file a lawsuit to stop the discharge in the International Justice Court.

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

The nuclear industry is fond of treating radioactive tritium as some kind of benign radionuclide – not dangerous, nothing to get your knickers in a twist about, there there Missy… – in order to dump massive quantities of tritium-contaminated water into our oceans. This narrative could not be more wrong. To build understanding, I’ve revisited two important interviews dealing with tritium and edited together the important bits to give you some concentrated clarity.

  • Dr. Ian Fairlie is a London-based radiation biologist and independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment. He has been a consultant on radiation matters to the European Parliament, local and regional governments, environmental NGOs, and private individuals, with a focus on the radiation doses and risks arising from the radioactive releases at nuclear facilities.

    A Primer on Radiation and Radioactivity by Dr. Ian Fairlie
    Website: IanFairlie.org
  • Original full interview: NH #574: 11th ANNIVERSARY! Tritium Radiation Lies – Dr. Ian Fairlie on Fukushima, Pilgrim


  • Anti-nuclear demonstration in Wales:
Protest march by CND Cymru from Trawsfynydd to Eisteddfod in Wales.