NH #10: Nuclear Hotseat Podcast for August 16, 2011

Here’s the link to the most recent Nuclear Hotseat Podcast:

  • Interview with Jane Swanson of the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace on legal actions taken to shut down Diablo Canyon
  • Excessive radiation found in fish caught 35 miles from Fukushima, in the thyroid glands of half of children tested, and on containers shipped from Japan to Egypt and Russia
  • First-hand tweets from a hospital nurse in Sendai City – really scary stuff
  • Arnie Gunderson’s latest update on hot particles, radiation, and government collusion to downplay Fukushima to the American public
  • Audio of yesterday’s radiation rain in Toronto
  • New York demonstration against Indian Point nuclear reactor
  • How to prevent or recover from Adrenal Fatigue in the wake of all this distressing, stressing nuclear talk
  • The music of decaying isotopes.