NH #60 – NRC Freezes Nuclear Reactor Construction, Plus Kevin Kamps on Reactor Waste

Interview w/Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear on radioactive waste storage problems, options, how we got in this mess and what if anything can be done about this ever-lasting health menace. www.BeyondNuclear.org

BREAKING NEWS – NRC freezes all nuclear reactor construction and operating licenses! 


  • San Diego’s COPS (Citizens Oversight Projects) challenges San Onofre’s failure to review steam generator failure (Go, Ray Lutz!);
  • California Democratic party calls for independent design review before restart can be considered;
  • Prime Minister “The Pendulum” Noda agrees to meet with protestors, then cancels, says Japan’s nuke future will be decided by end of month, then says maybe not;
  • TEPCO games radiation monitors in Fukushima
  • Radiation showing up 300x normal in mushrooms 80 miles from the damaged reactors;
  • And Mochizuki Iori from Fukushima Diary does the math: the radiation released from Fukushima equals 168 Hiroshima-type a-bombs… and they did it to themselves.