NH #55 – Oi Restarts in Spite of Protests and Seismic Dangers, Sept. National Anti-Nukes Actions in DC

Get the inside scoop on this September’s Coalition Against Nukes rally and actions in Washington, D.C. from Dr. Heidi Hutner and Michael Leonardi, long time anti-nuclear activists serving as coordinators for the event.


  • Japanese scientists share earthquake data and dire predictions as KEPCO restarts the Oi reactors;
  • Fukushima Unit 4 a mere gasket failure away from catastrophe, while Unit 1 radiation is so high its dismantling (a 40 year process at best) will require robot technology that has not  yet been invented;
  • Federal appellate court sinks Vermont’s recent strategy to deny Entergy’s Vermont Yankee re-license;
  • Colorado’s Rocky Flats $926 million judgment struck down;
  • South Korea bans 35 Japanese seafood products, bringing their total to 64 (the US bans NONE);
  • Contact info from last week’s interviewee, environment attorney Susan Hito Shapiro, for anti-nuke lawyers who want to support and strategize with each other: [email protected];
  • Evacuation advice from Fukushima survivor to Oi citizens — also works for the 1/3 of all Americans who live within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor.