NH #261: BREAKING – DIABLO CANYON SHUTDOWN ANNOUNCED – Delayed Gratification Requested – PLUS: Eyewitness Nuke News w/NZ’s Kevin Hester, No Nukes NW’s Mimi German, West Lake Landfill w/Byron DeLear

BREAKINGDiablo Canyon Nuclear Reactors
to be Shut Down by PG&E… in 8-9 Years.
Interviews on next week’s show. 

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • New Zealand anti-nuclear and climate activist Kevin Hester offers an in-depth analysis of what his no-nukes country is doing inviting a US naval vessel into its waters next year – an absolute legal no-no since 1987.
  • Mimi German of No Nukes NW and Radcast.org on how the peace sailboat she and Harvey Wasserman of Solartopia were on – the Golden Rule – was intentionally rammed by a Washington State police boat during a protest of war ships.
Peace Ship Golden Rule Rammed by WA State Police Boat

Peace Boat Golden Rule that was rammed by WA state police boat
Photo courtesy No Nukes NW

  • Byron DeLear checks it with perspective on the release of a long-suppressed report by the EPA on the West Lake Landfill that proves the Just Moms, the Coldwater Creek activists, and others who supported them were right.

Numnutz of the Week:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has some very strange safety concerns at Diablo Canyon.  No, not earthquake faults, thin-walled “tin can” dry casks for radioactive waste storage, aging reactor parts, embrittlement of the container vessel.  You’ll never guess what they’re concerned about!  (HINT:  I never knew that Snapple could be so dangerous…)