NH #247: PSR/IPPNW Report – 10,000+ Excess Cancer Cases Post-Fukushima – Thomasson, Rosen, Mousseau, Alvarez

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

The PSR/IPPNW report released last week projecting at least 10,000 excess cancer cases in Japan because of the radioactivity releases from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster. We’ll hear from:

Included will be insights into mainstream media response to this report.

Link to full PSR/IPPNW Report, “5 Years Living with Fukushima” – CLICK HERE.

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Numnutz of the Week:

Tone deaf, brain dead Japanese Minister for the 2020 Tokyo NOlympics announces continued support for siting team sports in Fukushima… AND MAKES THE ANNOUNCEMENT ON THE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE START OF THE NUCLEAR DISASTER THERE! 

The Missing Link: