NH #222: Radioactive Legacy of Rocky Flats w/Author Kristen Iversen


  • Author Kristen Iversen on the history of the Manhattan Project and plutonium trigger manufacturing waste at Rocky Flats, which is about to open as a Colorado Wildlife Refuge <!>.


The New York Times goes in for hard core “hormesis” (no – Whore-YOU-sis) propaganda that completely undercuts its reputation as the “Great Gray Lady” of U.S. journalism and turns it into a shill for radiation deniers everywhere.


  • San Onofre secret meetings over waste and failed clean-up of the 1959 nuclear meltdown at the Los Angeles area Santa Susana Field Lab both subjects of major investigative reports by southern California mainstream media;
  • NRC DUCK! and Cover Report: Five US nuclear reactors have NRC-level “unusual” events – isn’t that the definition of “usual?”
  • US Senator petitions Secretary of State John Kerry to intervene with our deadly international neighbor to the north – Canada – to prevent to construction of the nuclear waste storage facility within one mile of the shores of Lake Huron;
  • And no, the enormous wolf fish caught in Japan is not the result of radioactivity and mutation – it’s just a big ol’ ugly fish.
Wolf fish caught in Japan - Not a Fukushima mutation

NOT a Fukushima mutation.  Neither is the fish.