NH #210: Vt. Yankee Dry Cask Lies & Looney Tunes w/Donna Gilmore


Donna Gilmore of SanOnofreSafety.org gives lie to dry cask manufacturerer Holtec’s presentation to Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel regarding long term storage of the plutonium-contaminated nuclear waste at the now-defunct Vt. Yankee Nuclear Reactor.


I guess that, according to the Pentagon’s new tome, The Laws of War, I‘m a Belligerent Journalist of Unprivileged Persuasion — who knew?


  • New forest fires near Chernobyl exclusion zone
  • Illinois nuke reactor almost hit by tornado
  • South Korea/Japan food fight continues as South Korea tells World Trade Organization it has a right to protect its citizens from the radiation dangers of Fukushima food;
  • Pope’s encyclical on climate change gives heart and voice to anti-nuke religious denominations around the world
  • New poll finds that when it comes to storage of nuclear waste, even Tea Party members go full NIMBY – are you surprised?  Can you blame them?

Photo credit courtesy Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – cnduk.org