NH #182: Prof. Haider on Russian Nukes in Bangladesh + Dr. Caldicott’s Symposium


Prof. Quamrul Haider of Fordham University, a nuclear physicist, authored the op-ed explaining nuclear reactor dangers and calling nukes “The Sixth Horseman of the Apocalypse.”  He blasts nuclear reactors built by Russia as unsafe, reveals why Bangladesh has ordered a technology it doesn’t need, and  explains why he left behind his (non-classified) work at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratories to move to academia.

Then Dr. Helen Caldicott talks about her upcoming Symposium on The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction, taking place February 28 and March 1 in New York City.  An encore presentation excerpted from Nuclear Hotseat #172.  For more on the Symposium and to register, click here.

Dr. Helen Caldicott
Dr. Helen Caldicott


Hey, you got a better way to nuke invasive weeds on the plutonium-laced site of a former nuclear weapons manufacturing site than nuking ’em out with a prescribed burn?   (Guess they haven’t heard about goats!)


  • Japan plans release of radioactive water held at Fukushima into the Pacific ocean.
  • Fukushima wants to host 2020 Olympic events <!>.
  • Britain’s nukes reporting average 20 shutdowns per year.
  • Radioactive beagles at University of California, Davis.
Radioactively tortured beagles at UC Davis (not these two)
Radioactively tortured beagles at UC Davis (not these two)