NH #168: Millstone’s May 25 Radiation Leak w/Nancy Burton




INTERVIEW:  Nancy Burton, founder of the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone, on the horrifying history of Connecticut’s aging Millstone nuclear power station, on the ongoing dangers posed by owner/operator Dominion Resources’ bottom line approach to safety, and the unreported radiation release that happened during the double-reactor shutdown on May 25, 2014.

NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  Attempted Ukranian sabotage of Iran’s Russian-built nuclear reactor possibly caused by  after-market nuclear parts from Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico.  WTF?  


  • New Mexico’s Environmental Department Secretary accuses federal Department of Energy of blocking probe of Feb. 14 accident and radiation leak at WIPP Site in Carlsbad.
  • 55 Greenpeace activists on trial in France for March 18 protest about lack of security at the Fessenheim nuclear facility that resulted in 20 managing to get into the facility and onto the dome of one of the reactors.  Security, anyone?
  • India’s Prime Minister Modi fails to land nuke deal with Japan, but gets a uranium deal from Australia.  Partial victory for India’s Anti-Nuclear Gandhi, Kumar Sundaram.
  • Chernobyl radioactivity found in wild boar in Germany must be destroyed uneaten… or shipped to the United States, which considers its 600 Bequerel per kilogram of radioactivity just fine and safe for Americans to eat, mmm, mmm, good!
Chernobyl's Legacy: German boars found to be too radioactive to be eaten.
Chernobyl’s Legacy: German boar found to be too radioactive to be eaten.
  •  Fukushima radiation detected in West Coast groundwater, meat, fish, milk and vegetation… IN 2011 AND 2012… and they’re just letting us know about it now???