NH #163: Hiroshima Day Perspective w/PSR’s Catherine Thomasson, Karl Grossman on Nukes in Space + Jon Stewart Twitter Campaign

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Here’s the Jon Stewart bit that launched the Nuclear Hotseat “Daily Show” Twitter Campaign:

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In honor of Hiroshima Day on August 7, we focus on the ongoing dangers of nuclear weapons in an interview with Dr. Catherine Thomasson, Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibilitywww.PSR.org.

Award-winning journalist Karl Grossman, our eminence grise on the history of all things nuclear, fills us in on a breakthrough in a solar space propulsion system that has the power to take nuclear permanently out of interplanetary exploration. www.KarlGrossman.com

LINKS for Karl Grossman:

Solar Power to Take Us to the Stars
Solar Power to Take Us to the Stars


C’mon down to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, y’all, an larn how to talk nukes reeeeeeel good!


"Nuclear Gandhi" Kumar Sundaram speaks Truth to Power in Japan
“Nuclear Gandhi” Kumar Sundaram speaks Truth to Power in Japan

Kumar Sundaram – India’s “Nuclear Gandhi” – speaks Truth to Power in Japan about India’s nuclear dealings with the country that brought us all Fukushima.

LINK:  http://www.dianuke.org/modi-on-nuclear-shopping-spree-with-manmohan-singhs-old-bag-in-his-hand/

Myla Reson’s
new video, NukeBusters vs. Nuke Boosters: