NH #102: NUCLEAR GANDHI – Nonviolent India Rebels Against Nuclear; w/Kumar Sundaram

Entire village of Idinthakarai on beach to protest Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, September 9, 2012.  Credit: Amirthraj Stephen/Gallery Ske  from the collection, "Koodankulam: In My Backyard"
Entire village of Idinthakarai sleeps on the beach to protest Koodankulam Nuclear Power PlantCredit: Amirthraj Stephen/Gallery Ske
from, “Koodankulam: In My Backyard”


Kumar Sundaram, Research Consultant with India’s Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace, (CNDP) on the Indian government’s violent repression of the non-violent anti-nuclear movement, Japan’s push to sell nuclear technology to India; and the country’s massive, growing anti-nuclear movement.


A video is worth a thousand words…

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  • Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) demands Justice Dept. investigates SCE after 2004 letter surfaces showing company VP already expressed doubts over San Onofre steam generator design;
  • Paducah, Kentucky faces nuclear disaster if/when TVA turns off the lights  at uranium plant for nonpayment of the bill <!>;
  • JELLYFISH AWARD FOR NUCLEAR HEROISM: Seaweed shuts down two nuclear reactors in Scotland;
  • Greenpeace lands a warning on Sweden’s Ringhals reactor…and gets no reaction;
  • Navaho Nation blocks uranium mining company from transporting ore across their lands – and there’s no other way out;
  • TEPCO has problems keeping employees — can you imagine?