NH #99: San Onofre Heats Up: Friends of the Earth’s Kendra Ulrich


Kendra Ulrich, Nuclear Campaigner for Friends of the Earth, who explains what it’s like to stand up solo and face down the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on their home turf — and what the macro conversation is about getting San Onofre shut down.

Nuclear videographer Myla Reson asks Rep. Henry Waxman tough questions and gets brilliant answers, then explains exclusively to Nuclear Hotseat listeners the politics behind the exchange we just heard.  Fascinating insights!


Numnutz of the Week:

FirstEnergy’s meltdown over the heroic goldfish of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan.  How radioactive WERE they, eh…?

Two anti-nuclear protesters broke in but could not survive the reactor water.

Two aquatic anti-nuclear protesters of unknown nationality broke into the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan, but could not survive the reactor water in their lemonade pitcher.  RIP.

  • Palisades NPP in Michigan leaks “very slightly/mildly/diluted” radioactive water into Lake Michigan, but “there’s no impact on health and safety!” (said no sane person, ever). 
  • Duke dumps plans for 2 new nukes in North Carolina;
  • 83-year-old nun, Sister Megan Gillespie Rice, and 2 others, face trial this week for embarrassing the government by peacefully breaking in to Oak Ridge nuclear facility, graffiti-ing and praying.
  • Could depleted uranium be behind the US military‘s soaring suicide rate?
  • Japanese mushrooms, bamboo sprouts found too radioactive even for the United States!
  • … and who put the goldfish in Perry?  Don’t tell me… Homer Simpson?