NH #114: Nuclear Organizational Psychosis w/Dr. Lloyd C. Williams


Dr. Lloyd C. Williams is an organizational psychologist, coach and management consultant to Fortune 100-level companies.  Dr Williams has accomplished and led programs as chair and professor at UC Berkeley, the Universities of Notre Dame, Massachusetts,  Grenoble Business School, the International School of Management and the University of Singapore.  He coined the term “organizational psychosis,” and helps us understand in clinical terms just what dysfunctions have taken root within the nuclear industry.  What he has to say not explores the problem, but offers key insights on how we as a movement might strategize to turn nuclear around.

Contact:  http://www.drlloydcwilliams.com/


FUKUSHIMA — The Tourist Destination! <!!!>

IAEA Executives form the first group of tourists to visit Fukushima-land.  Leave only footprints, take only memories.
IAEA Executives form the first group of tourists to visit Fukushima-land. Leave only footprints, take only memories!


Chairman of Oregon Republican Party wanted to put radioactive material from San Onofre into drinking water!  (“Drink your radionuclides, darling, they’re good for you, helps build strong bones that glow in the dark.”)


  • No States Rights for Vermont when it comes to Vermont Yankee;
  • Fukushima governor labels radioactive water pouring into the Pacific Ocean a “national emergency;”
  • November fuel rod removal from Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool 4 requires sophisticated new TEPCO technology:
TEPCO's new technology for removing fuel rods from Fukushima's Spent Fuel Pool 4.
TEPCO‘s new technology for removing fuel rods from Fukushima‘s Spent Fuel Pool 4.
  • TEPCO goes to Hanford to learn about radioactive waste control <WTF?!?>;
  • 100% of Canadian herring in test found to be hemorrhaging from fins, bellies chins, eyeballs.
  • Canadian public health official claims Fukushima‘s radiation “Does not concern Canadian officials.”  Obviously!
  • Salmon disappearing from Canada, Alaska, Russia — and Arnie Gundersen predicted it!
  • And Indian Point reactor, only 30 miles from midtown Manhattan, given permission to keep running after its license expires in September.  Do you think they’d do that for my car, too?


  • Update on one sailor from the USS Ronald Regan, who has all the symptoms of radiation contamination but cannot get a diagnosis from government doctors.  Shades of Japan! http://bit.ly/127vQg7
  • “Abe’s Japan Blind to Scary Nuclear Reality” – http://on.fb.me/1f1nOIs
  • Online book:  Fukushima: A Nuclear War Without a War  – http://bit.ly/T6H4yD