NH #5: Welcome to Nuclear Hotseat

NOTE: This was the first posting of Nuclear Hotseat on the website, as opposed to social media and email.  In updating this website, it appears that the first four episodes of Nuclear Hotseat have somehow vanished.  When time permits, I’ll go back into the original files and add them – for historical reference, if not current importance.  For now, this is the first of what are now more than 500 episodes.  May this resource prove valuable to you in your understanding of the issues. – Libbe HaLevy, producer/host, December 3, 2021.  

Hello!  This website is dedicated to sharing the latest information regarding Fukushima, nuclear energy, holistic protection from radiation, and anti-nuclear activism.  It is a direct offshoot of “Nuclear Hotseat,” a podcast produced every Tuesday, live at 4 p.m. Pacific time.  Links to each week’s pcast will be posted here, along with links to current information, activist alerts, and my personal thoughts regarding the insanity represented by nuclear power.

Why am I doing this?  Because I was one mile from the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island when it happened, visiting friends who had just moved to quiet, sleepy Middletown, PA.  This terrifying experience mule-kicked me out of the life I’d been living and into a Twilight Zone of post traumatic stress (before we knew the term) and ongoing fear.  It also, as I’ve only learned in the past two years, stressed my adrenal glands so badly that I’ve been suffering from adrenal fatigue/exhaustion for years, suffering from low energy that severely limited my life.  (Fortunately, that condition is now under control by holistic supplementation and diet/lifestyle changes.)

When Fukushima happened on March 11, it snapped me to attention.  Retraumatized, I felt fear for the future of Planet Earth and the human race.  All my leftover emotions from 3MI returned to the surface.  I felt helpless, alone, panicked, in pain.

Then I got angry.  Then I took action.  As a citizen-activist, I announced to my Facebook friends that I’d be doing a podcast on nuclear issues… and started Nuclear Hotseat two days later, on June 14, 2011.  I’m not a scientist, a politician, a nuclear expert of any kind, but I am a trained journalist with a broadcast background. Passing along information on this subject to people who normally would miss it strikes me as something I can do that makes me feel less powerless, less hopeless about the future, and able to make a difference in the nuclear discussion.


If you feel frightened, helpless, depressed, triggered into obsessive or addictive behaviors or any other emotions when you think about Fukushima and what the ongoing radiation release means to the future of life on Planet Earth, only one thing will help you genuinely feel better: TAKE ACTION. DO something.  Write a letter stating your concerns to the president, your senators, your representative, your governor.  Follow up with phone calls.  Stay informed, not only about the current nuclear news but on what activist groups are doing.  Join them in any way you can — donate, forward their posts on social media, comment on blogs, connect with others who are willing to engage in the conversation.  This is no time to be alone.

There are also actions you can take to protect your health and the health of your family.  I’ll be sharing those as well as links to sites that will allow you to do further research by yourself.

The nuclear industry and its political apologists are working their PR firms overtime to convince you that nuclear energy is clean, green, safe and sustainable.  Don’t let them fool you; they are lying.  On this site, you’ll gain access to cutting edge information on nuclear energy, Fukushima, and the ongoing health dangers we face.  My goal is to inspire you to join the battle to turn off your neighborhood nuclear reactor.

As Helen Keller once wrote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” I invite you to join me and work to get us all out of the nuclear hotseat.