NH #477: US Nuke Tech Sale to Bomb-Hungry Saudis Being Legalized: Terry Lodge + How YOU can $top Nuclear Weapon$!

US Nuke Technology Sale to Saudis being Legalized – Attny Terry Lodge Explains.
And the full story of how Don’t Bank on the Bomb is helping to defund nuclear weapons producers,
one bank account at a time

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • US Nuke Tech Sale to Saudis – How can this be legal?  Environmental trial attorney Terry Lodge explains arcane rule changes currently being made aimed to put proprietary nuclear technology in the hands of Saudi Arabia — a country which readily admits it wants nuclear reactors in order to get plutonium (from the waste stream) that they can turn into nuclear weapons.
  • Nuclear Hotseat listeners are familiar with the 2-minute Don’t Bank on the Bomb explanation from Susi Snyder that runs on the show as almost a PSA.  Here, in a full-length interview, she goes into detail on the program.  Learn how anyone (YES, THAT MEANS YOU!) can use their bank account to lobby their bank, credit union, pension fund and financial planner to prevent your money from being used to back nuclear weapons producers.  And yes – this process has already been highly effective in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, with Japan quickly catching up and other countries catching on.  Total grassroots involvement requested – and it’s effective! Very empowering during a pandemic!

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

What better way to celebrate the infinite nature of the cosmos… than by smearing radioactive Plutonium all across ur solar system? 

Activist Shout-Out:

Hats off to the coalition behind the HiroshimaNagasaki75.org livestream programming!  Two 10-hours days of international livestreaming went off without a hitch.  Powerful, emotional, important information and sharing to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs on those two Japanese cities.  Here is the LINK to all the videos on their Youtube channel:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3zKS54-BuOlMRdyHZ76SWA

I was honored to participate in two of the segments on August 9.

How all mention of post-bombing radiation dangers was intentionally eliminated from the major source of news on the A-bomb and the one man responsible for its omission:  New York Times science reporter William L. Laurence, who had been embedded with the Manhattan Project.  This is a brief snapshot of the man and the issue.  He is the subject of the play that I’m currently writing:  ATOMIC BILL AND THE PAYMENT DUE:


My conversation with Mary Olson of GenderandRadiation.org on reasons for hope regarding our international nuclear situation: