NH #321: Trump’s N. Korea WARGASM! Will It Come? A Different Perspective w/Space4Peace’s Bruce Gagon & Bo Jacobs in Hiroshima

This Week’s Featured Interviews – North Korea Close-up:

  • Bruce Gagnon is the secretary/coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.  He provides the history of US/N. Korea relations, a context for understanding what the countries are threatening, Donald Trump’s misplaced bellicosity, and the likelihood that Kim Jong Un will drop a nuke on Guam (SPOILER ALERT: Not very likely.)
  • Bo Jacobs, a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University, is a historian of nuclear technologies and radiation techno-politics.  He fills us in on how people in Japan are REALLY responding to threats of a missile strike on their country by North Korea.  (SPOILER ALERT:  Not very.)

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

How could General Electric build a huge six-nuclear reactor facility at Fukushima and — OOPS! — miss an unexploded bomb the US dropped during World War II on the premises?

Featured image created by Chelim Yrneh; used by permission.