NH #301: Three Mile Island Will NEVER Be Over – TMI Anniversary SPECIAL

This week’s full-length Three Mile Island SPECIAL includes interviews with or information from:

  • Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer for Fairewinds Enery Education.
    Watch a video of Arnie Gundersen speaking about the accident
    at the 40th Anniversary of the founding of Three Mile Island Alert. 
  • Former Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Peter Bradford, who was at the NRC during the TMI accident.
  • Eric Epstein, Chair of Three Mile Island Alert.
    Three Mile Island Alert’s Radiation monitoring at EFMR.org
  • Mary Stamos, long time Middletown resident
  • Walter Cronkite, anchor for the CBS Evening News at the time of TMI and known as “the most trusted newsman in America.  To view his CBS network reports on TMI click here.

  • Interviews with residents, doctors, activists, audio from inside TMI as the accident was happening, media reports and more.
  • PLUS Nuclear Hotseat host Libbe HaLevy’s personal story of having been one mile away from TMI while the accident was happening. 

Radiation Plume released from Three Mile Island

Gratitude to filmmaker Robert Leppzer, producer of the two-hour audio documentary Voices from Three Mile Island, for permission to use excerpts from that work in this program.