NH #355: Three Mile Island Nuclear Meltdown at 39: WTF Actually Happened to Us? Libbe HaLevy Returns

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This Week’s RETURN TO TMI at 39 – SPECIAL:

Nuclear Hotseat Producer/Host Libbe HaLevy, who was at the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island when it happened, returns to cover TMI at 39, a panel discussion featuring journalists who covered the accident as it happened and researchers reporting on the long-hidden medical impact of TMI.  

Excerpts from the panel discussion feature:

  • Heidi Hutner, PhD, Director of Sustainability Studies & Associate Dean at the School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University
  • Cindy Folkers, Radiation Health Specialist Beyond Nuclear
  • Dr. Renu Joshi, PinnacleHealth Endocrinology Association
  • Michele LeFever Quinn, former anchor and reporter with WKBO Radio
  • Frank Goldstein, former 1979 photo journalist with WCAU-TV
  • Dan Steele, former broadcaster for WKBO and on-air personality at iHeartMedia Inc.

Journalists covering Three Mile Island during the accident

Gratitude to the organizers of the panel discussion:  Christine Layman, Joe Rodriguez, and Stacey Griffiths. 

Deep personal gratitude to those who made it possible
for me to take this trip back to where it all began.

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