NH #567: Nuclear War on Film – TELEVISION EVENT: Documentary on THE DAY AFTER

Nuclear War on Film: Screen shot of the moment the nuclear fireball hit the people of Lawrence, Kansas. Taken from ABC-TV movie THE DAY AFTER, which is the subject of the documentary TELEVISION EVENT by Jeff Daniels.

This Week’s Featured Interview:

The 1983 TV movie THE DAY AFTER depicted the start of a nuclear war and the aftermath of a bomb strike on Lawrence, Kansas. In those pre-CGI-effects days, the devastation of the fireball was presented in such graphic detail (see: above) that it changed the international discussion on the “survivability” of a nuclear war.

Now the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) will present a full-length documentary on THE DAY AFTER entitled TELEVISION EVENT. Produced and directed by Jeff Daniels, TELEVISION EVENT chronicles not only the making of the film, but what it took to get it made, how it impacted international politics, and motivated a generation to oppose nuclear war and weapons. TELEVISION EVENT is nominated for Best Featured Documentary, which will be announced on May 29, closing night of the IUFF. The film will be available for viewing, at no charge, as of May 19. Go to International Uranium Film Festival for details.

For now, if you want to know about the movie that TELEVISION EVENT is about, here’s a LINK to the attack segment from THE DAY AFTER:

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Nuclear weapons as a growth industry???