NH #491: Social Media for Activists w/Colleen Moore, Beyond the Bomb

Social Media for Activists:  Beyond the Bomb and Global Zero’s Colleen Moore (above)
explains powerful social media techniques for anti-nuclear activists.

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Social Media for Activists:  Colleen Moore is Digital Engagement Manager for Beyond the Bomb and Global Zero.  She creates content to promote the message of eliminating nuclear weapons. Colleen has experience in campaigning for justice and peace issues, including:
    • ending U.S. support for the war in Yemen;
    • promoting human rights and justice in Indonesia and East Timor,
    • working for peace between North and South Korea, and
    • advocating for access to education for women in Pakistan.

Above all, she has a passion for using digital media to advance causes of human rights and justice. Contact Colleen Moore for info on her upcoming social media trainings or to book her for one for your group at:  [email protected] 

  • Susan Hito Shapiro (aka Susan Hillary) helps clarify points from her interview on nukes and global warming on Nuclear Hotseat #488, October 28, 2020.  She is a New York State attorney whose practice focuses on environmental water protection and land use in the Hudson Valley.  Susan was co-counsel on the groundbreaking litigation against Indian Point’s violation of the Clean Water Act for thermal and radiation pollution of the Hudson River; and against the NRC for reducing fire safety standards at Indian Point from 3 hours to 24 minutes. She laid the legal groundwork opposing re-licensing of Indian Point; participated in the Presidential Blue Ribbon Commission on Nuclear Waste; and represented nuclear whistle blowers.Susan Hito Shapiro is happy to engage in further conversation on the points she raised here and in her original interview.  You may call her office at:  845-371-2020.


Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

TEPCO does it again!  Fukushima worker accidentally shuts off Fukushima’s monitoring equipment for continous fission reaction criticality.  Pressure starts to build up and… NOBODY NOTICES FOR 3 HOURS???