NH #398: Smithsonian Accepts Three Mile Island Plant Mutation Collection! – Mary Osborn

Smithsonian accepts!  Just one example of a radiation-mutated flower found near Three Mile Island by local resident Mary Osborn.  Her collection has been accepted by the Smithsonian Institution.

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Smithsonian accepts Mary Osborn’s Three Mile Island radiation/plant mutation collection.  Mary Osborn, a long time member of Three Mile Island Alert, has been gathering flowers, leaves and plants that show signs of fasciation – mutations that reveal the negative impact of radiation on their growth and reproduction since shortly after the 1979 meltdown.  Her full collection has been accepted by the Smithsonian Institution to be preserved, digitized, and made available to the public.  This is a HUGE win!  We spoke on January 17, 2019.
  • Scott Portzline of TMIAlert sprovides background explanation of what it took to get the Smithsonian to consider Mary’s collection – and how rare it is that they accept anything that is offered to them, making this acceptance a real score.
  • Inspired by the work of Daniel Ellsberg, activists Robert Manning and Kenny Dubroff have created a new website and an action to take.  An explanatory video narrated by Peter Coyote and the pledge they ask that you sign are at: NuclearTerrorToday.org

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

The US Pentagon and Department o)f Defense want to be able to fly small nuclear reactors to battlefields around the world to power, oh, lights, camera, xboxes…  I mean, really – what could go wrong?  (That was not rhetorical!)

Activist Info Links:

The Japanese Government Is Lying to the International Community: the Radiological Situation in and around Fukushima is NOT Safe – Appeal from a Japanese Anti-nuclear Activist Etsuji Watanabe

Taxpayers Should Not Fund Bill Gates’ Nuclear Albatross good analysis from think progress.org on the Microsoft billionaire’s Congressional push to get at least $1 billion to fund unproven nuclear technology — a great way to get gazillions more into Gates’ pocket while doing absolutely nothing for climate change.