NH #297: Saving Fukushima’s Abandoned Pets – Kerry Anne O’Connor

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This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Kerry Anne O’Connor works with Nyander Guard Animal Rescue, which went into the Fukushima exclusion zone and rescued 760 animals after the March 11, 2011 meltdown of the three nuclear reactors.  She also runs her own charity, Anywhere Foot Baths, which provides comforting foot baths and hand massages for those who were evacuated after the triple meltdown and still live in “temporary” housing six years later.

Canine resident of Fukushima Exclusion Zone – no special license needed.

Numnutz of the Week (for Nuclear Boneheadedness):

How in the world can the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approve any new site in the nuclear fuel chain and publish a Safety Evaluation Report which concludes the facility can, “in a safe manner operate, manage radiological and chemical hazards, protect groundwater, and eventually clean up and decommission.”  The essence of “alt-nuclear-facts” – aka LIES.

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