NH #382: San Onofre SPECIAL: Songs for SONGS Protest Rally – PLUS EXCLUSIVE: New Nuclear Bombshell re: SanO RadWaste from Donna Gilmore

San Onofre rally, Songs for SONGS – Filmmaker Adam Salkin

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San Onofre SPECIAL:

  • Donna Gilmore of San Onofre Safety with the latest bombshell revelation about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s inadvertent admission of a lie about the canisters at San Onofre.

Songs for SONGS

Excerpts from speakers at the October 8 music/rally Songs for SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station – get it?) at San Clemente’s famous Belly Up music club:

  • Report on a videotaped Welcome by Gregory Jaczko, former Chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Ian Cairns is a former champion surfer who was influential in establishing the world professional surfing circuit and particularly the World Championship Tour. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Ian has lived in California for 27 years and has family in Laguna Beach.
  • Cathy Iwane was living in Japan with her husband and two children when the Fukushima Daiichi triple meltdown happened.  She shares how that event play out in her personal life and led to her leaving that country with her two children.
  • Leona Morgan is a member of the Nuclear Issues Study Group, Haul No, and Diné No Nukes, and she traveled from her home in New Mexico to address the crowd on nuclear colonialism and the range of nuclear problems in her state.
  • Filmmaker Adam Salkin gave a powerful presentation, based not only on what he has learned about nuclear in the process of shooting his latest film, but because it’s an important part of his personal history growing up in the shadow of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, just north of Los Angeles.
  • A report on the speech by Admiral Len Hering on the need for risk management and why San Onofre scares him.  (I was asked not to use the audio of his speech on Nuclear Hotseat, but a video has been posted and is available in its entirety HERE.)

U.S. Rear Admiral Len Hering (ret.) speaking at the Songs for SONGS rally
(CLICK on image to watch his entire speech.)

The entire livestream of the Songs for SONGS event is available by clicking HERE.

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

The same week we learn about inhaleable radioactive microparticles from Fukushima being found as far away from the disaster site as Tokyo (still thinking of going to the Olympics?), a Fukushima farmer starts grazing cows and plans to sell raw milk to local consumers.

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