NH #395: “Nuclear: Dangerous, A Failed Technology” – Former Nuke Regulatory Chief Greg Jaczko Goes Rogue

Rogue Nuclear Regulator: Former Chair of the NRC, Greg Jaczko

This Week’s SPECIAL Featured Interview:

  • Greg Jaczko, the former Chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, has published an explosive new book: Confessions of a Rogue Nuclear Regulator.  In it, he gets honest with the American people about the dangers of nuclear technology, which he labels “failed,” “dangerous,” “not reliable.”  He particularly comes down against nuclear as having any part in mitigating the problems of climate change/global warming.  In this extended Nuclear Hotseat interview, Jaczko brings us inside the NRC’s response to Fukushima, the “precipice” on which nuclear safety balances, his own growing doubts about how safe nuclear reactors are in the United States, and how, ultimately, it was that concern with safety that probably brought him down.
  • Jaczko Nixes Nukes” – A Backgrounder on Greg Jaczko’s book and the issues he addresses from Dr. Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

If you want to sell Fukushima food propaganda, what better spokespeople than… children!  Children, who are 5-10 times more vulnerable to radiation damage to their bodies than adults!  Can you say, “MMmm… MMmm… WRONG!”?

Activist Links:

  • Excellent program on the anniversary of Hawaii’s nuclear missile false alarm, when one text message turned the state of into a state of emergency.  It aired on NPR’s SNAP JUDGMENT last Friday, January 11: THIS IS NOT A DRILL.  It provides interviews with families affected, including a Hibakusha woman living in Hawaii who, as a schoolgirl, lived in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped… and then experienced this Hawaiian alarm.  A truly chilling perspective on the reality of nuclear war dangers and fears, from people who lived through this ham-handed notification “oops” when an inattentive worker clicked the wrong item from a drop-down computer menu.  The episode is well worth your time to listen.