NH #427: Radioactive Canada UPDATE: Dr. Gordon Edwards on RadWaste, SNC Lavalin, more + Farewell to 100-year-old Vt. Yankee & Peace Activist Frances Crowe

The late, great Frances Crowe (r), leaving a protest against the Vt. Yankee nuclear reactor. The 100-year-old Peace and Anti-Nuclear activist passed away on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Radioactive Canada: Dr. Gordon Edwards is co-founder and president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, or CCNR.  Dr. Edwards has a background in mathematics, physics, and English literature, which explains why he not only understands nuclear issues, he can communicate their complexities with clarity.  Here, he not only explains the governmental structures behind radioactive Canada, he breaks down the many ways the nuclear industry confuses any conversation about radiation itself. Plus he busts scandal-riven SNC Lavalin, which is trying to position itself as a U.S. nuclear decommissioning “expert.”
Dr. Gordon Edwards

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

  • Nukes and Hurricanes do not mix, Mr. President… And stop trying to gaslight the public by pulling the “just kidding! false news!” gambit; you said it, multiple sources attest to you doing so on more than one occasion, and it’s STILL a bad idea!

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