Covid 19/Radiation Parallels + Radiation’s Disproportionate Impact on Women, Little Girls – Mary Olson

How can a dose of radiation that’s deemed safe for a man have the same impact on a smaller, younger Little Girl
with much less body mass? Mary Olson of Gender and Radiation Impact Project on the disproportionate impact of radioactivity on women and especially little girls. PICTURED: Body mass comparison of the adult male “safety” model and 5-year-old girl.
(Graphic used courtesy Mary Olson.)

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • A CoVid19 UPDATE – How is the growing pandemic impacting the nuclear and anti-nuclear world?
  • A FINAL THOUGHT on on how the impact of CoVid19 may feel familiar to those who have been following nuclear issues, especially after Fukushima… and why we might be uniquely qualified to not freak out in the face of yet another existential threat. 
  • Mary Olson of the Gender and Radiation Impact Project on how radiation disproportionately impacts women and especially little girls, and why that information has been hidden from us.  This was conducted for a specially-produced program broadcast on KPFA-FM in San Francisco in commemoration of International Women’s Day. 
Mary Olson (L) of Gender and Radiation Project, with Nuclear Hotseat Producer/Host Libbe HaLevy

Numnutz of the Week
(for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

AN EXISTENTIAL DOUBLE WHAMMY!  The Greeks, who invented the Olympics, cancelled the torch relay through their country because of Coronovirus concerns… but Japan?!?!?  Are you REALLY STILL PLANNING on having torchbearers run through not only CoVid19 crowds but THROUGH HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE AREAS IN FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE FOR THREE DAYS?????  It’s not just the runners, but the media assigned to cover it; the workers who have to set it up, anyone foolish enough to want to view it and damn the risk of not just CoVid19… BUT RADIATION AS WELL???