NH #318: Post-UN Weapons Ban, Scottish Protest of UK Nukes + Int’l Disarmament Camp – On-Site w/Nikki Clark

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

Nikki Clark, a veteran UK nuclear campaigner who co-founded the group South West Against Nuclear, serves as Nuclear Hotseat Special Correspondent, on the ground at the Coulport Nuclear Disarmament Camp in Scotland.  She interviews:

  • Angie Zelter, a founding member of Trident Ploughshares currently in prison for refusing to accept a court ban from protesting against nuclear weapons.  (Pictured as Featured Image)
  • Marcus Armstrong, also with Trident Plowshares,  known as Britain’s most-arrested ant-nuclear protester.
  • French support for the Scottish camp and protests came from Dominique LaLanne and Claude Colombie, anti-nuclear activists from France, who explain why they’ve come so far to join the camp and the protest.
  • Janet Fenton of the UK Quaker group Northern Friends Peace Board and a member of Civil Society who attended the UN sessions to ban nuclear weapons, on the importance of that United Nations action and why all our voices need to be heard.

Numnutz of the Week:

Want to convince Japan that it’s A-OK to swim on a beach less than 70 kilometers/54 miles from Fukushima Daiichi and TEPCO’s planned release of more than 777,000 cubic meters  of tritium-contaminated water?  Put hula skirts on underage high school girls and have them cavort in the Pacific Ocean waves in front of photographers!  Titillate the pedophiles and convince locals and tourists alike that hey, no reason not to come to Japan for the 2020 Olympics!  (ps – 33 countries STILL ban Japanese food because of radiation concerns, especially seafood caught from Fukushima and adjacent waters.)

As a PR stunt, underage high school girls cavort in the Pacific Ocean
less than 70 kilometers/54 miles from the radioactive remains of
Fukushima Daiichi.