NH #653: Annual SPECIAL – NUMNUTZ OF THE YEAR Award, 2023!

The ultimate in nuclear numnutzery – the atomic/nuclear/hydrogen bomb – brought to you by the winner(s) of the annual Nuclear Hotseat Numnutz of the Year for 2023!


As regular listeners to the show will know, Nuclear Hotseat’s Numnutz of the Week is a regular feature that highlights the absurdity, stupidity, short-sightedness, and greed of the nuclear industry. Not necessarily the blatant headine insanity of the big stories, but smaller bits that assail our senses and are so crazy they’re… well, numnutz. This compilation from the past year’s NOTW features culminates in awarding the highly coveted Numnutz of the Year, 2023 – followed by a eulogy/elegy written and sung by Tom Lehrer which explains concisely – and in perfect rhyme – exactly what we’re facing. A way to wish you a peaceful, healthy, happy, nuke-free 2024 and beyond!


Tom Lehrer, “We Will All Go Together When We Go”

LINK to Nuclear Hotseat #611 – Voices from Japan 2023 – which features producer Beverly Findlay-Kaneko’s on-the-ground report on Denshoukan, the Great Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster Museum, Futaba, Fukushima Prefecture. Central headquarters for pro-nuclear propaganda aimed at children and teens. Learn in-depth how kids are being manipulated into accepting nuclear energy.

Tomarinkan Nuclear Energy PR Center, Tomari, Hokkaido: Beverly Findlay-Kaneko with the Tomarinkan Mascot cartoon character. (Nicknamed Mr. Nuclear Condom).
Photo – Yuji Kaneko, used by permission of the photographer.