NH #393: Numnutz of the Year 2018 – SPECIAL! – A Look Back at Nuclear Insanity

Numnutz of the Year starts out with the year’s first Numnutz of the Week –
U.S. Strategic Command bares all with its (yuk yuk!) New Year’s Tweet!  Feeling safe yet?

This Week’s SPECIAL:

A look back at 2018 through the lens of Nuclear Hotseat’s most popular feature, Numnutz of the Week.  Listen to the wacky antics of the world’s most dangerous technology as it sails through:

  • Japan’s hard work to “normalize” Fukushima and its radiation so the tourists dumb enough to show up for the 2020 Radioactive Tokyo Olympics will think that everything is AOK!
  • US nuclear crews who opt for “high” crimes and misdemeanors – not once but twice!
  • Ancient, decrepit or just irrelevent so-called “experts” opining to a transfixed mainstream media in support of nukes… when they have nothing to do with them
  • The ongoing Fukushima Food Fight – whether it’s propaganda on the ground selling Fuku sake to New York hipsters or Japan taking South Korea and now Taiwan to the World Trade Organization to try to ram Fukushima fish down the throats of safety-conscious residents of other countries.
  • Department of Energy playing word games to make us believe that high level waste is really low level waste – and when the citizens arise against you, with good cause, just invest your money in a good PR firm.
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission incompetence in letting reactors operate at full power during “snow cyclones” and hurricanes, forgetting that there’s no way to evacuate or get emergency crews on site because, hey, “snow cyclone” and/or hurricane.

All of it leading to that Numnutz of all Numnutz for 2018…

Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!  And with all that, we still have:

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Happy New Year from the U.S. Strategic Command!  Want to know what they really stand for?  C’mon down and read the tweet, not the apologia that quickly followed (but not in time to prevent screen shots!).