NH #338: Nuclear Reactors/Climate Change Lies: Gundersen Busts Nuke Industry’s PR Ploy

This Week’s Feature:

  • Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education , former nuclear industry Senior Vice President and whistleblower, explains global warming in terms of an apple <!>, then takes apart the nuclear industry’s claims that we “need” 1,000 new nuclear reactors to combat climate change.  Brilliant, concise, filled with talking points we all need to know and use.  Watch the following 2-minute animation from Fairewinds to get the picture:

CLICK ON IMAGE to access SMOKESCREEN animation.


Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Leave it to Japan to promote the produce from the Fukushima region by serving it to the Organizing Committee of both the Olympics and Paralympics, and planning to serve nothing but Fukushima-area food to the athletes in 2020.  No testing for radiation contamination, just a PR blitz to convince everyone that there ain’t nothing wrong with food grown in a radiation contamination area.

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