NH #369: Nuclear Power Plays: Colorado “Wildlife Refuge” at Plutonium-Contaminated Superfund Site, Gene Stone: San Onofre Real-Time Radiation Monitoring Possible!

Nuclear Power Play: Credentialed journalist Sam Husseini (The Nation)
holding so-called “malicious item”
that got him forcibly ejected from Putin/Trump Helsinki press conference

This Week’s Featured Interviews:

  • Gene Stone, founder of Residents Organized for a Safe Environment, talks about a breakthrough in creating a real-time, inexpensive, publicly accessible radiation monitoring system for the “spent” fuel canisters at San Onofre… and everywhere else.
  • Alesya Casse of Candelas Glows, a group dealing with Rocky Flats in Arvada, Colorado, explains how local developers and the government are trying to “sell” the public on the plutonium-contaminated site re-imagined as a wildlife refuge.  Don’t buy a home in Arvada without listening to this report!

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):

Entergy, the slumlords of the nuclear industry, crying crocodile tears and claiming poverty over having to maintain a 10-mile emergency zone around the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.  And what’s this — they consider emergency planning for the eight million people in the area “unnecessary?”  Where do they live — the moon?

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