NH #445: Nuclear Numnutz of the Year 2019 SPECIAL!

This Week’s Feature SPECIAL:

Nuclear Numnutz of the Week is Nuclear Hotseat’s most popular feature – always good for a laugh, a head-shake at some freshly revealed nuclear absurdity, or to provoke a sense of outrage at how a single industry has been allowed to play so loose and fast with all our futures.

So come travel with us back in time for a year of highlights from some of the worst, most absurd, insane, short-sighted or just jaw-droppingly stupid nuclear stories from 2019, culminating in NUMNUTZ OF THE YEAR 2019! (It’s da bomb, but fortunately not THE bomb.)

Highlights will include:

  • Radioactive nuclear tourism! Don’t miss any of the popular hot spots – visit Fukushima and Chernobyl! (NH #300, 394, 400)
  • Magical thinking! Just use language the right way and POOF! “High level” nuclear waste disappears (to be replaced by…)! (NH #416)
  • U.S. military gets all incensed and wants the radioactive waste-leaking Runit Dome cleaned up! …though not in the manner one would hope. (NH #439)
  • Whats the one thing you must not do after a nuclear bomb goes off if you want to avoid radiation? (I don’t think it’s a priority, but Clairol probably will like it…) (NH #431)
  • But don’t count on that nuclear bomb going off as planned, because Mother Nature just might have something else in mind. (NH #435).
  • Artificial intelligence and nukes? If leaving it to computers to decide whether or not to launch a nuclear attack is not a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is. What if they decide they’re better off without flawed, supid humanity? (NH #428)
  • But really, don’t worry about the body count, the perpetual contaminatino of land, water air, the pain and terror created – what will a nuclear bomb do to your growing investment portfolio? (NH #409)

From all of us here at Nuclear Hotseat, may 2020 be a better year for us all than 2019 was! With Love from Libbe and Dog-is-my-Co-Pilot, Munchkin!