NH #26: Michael Keegan of Nuclear-Free Great Lakes Interview

In the latest Nuclear Hotseat Podcast:

  • Interview with Michael Keegan of Nuclear-Free Great Lakes;
  • radiation news and health problems from Japan;
  • Swedish nuclear plant fire;
  • Canadian radiation higher than originally reported; Cesium in San Francisco-area milk… again;
  • NIRS report on radiational harm worse for women than men;
  • apple pectin good for more than jelly… radiationally speaking;
  • BIG WIN – San Clemente City Council unanimous in lobbying Federal Government for disposal of nuclear waste at San Onofre and funds for construction of additional roads for evacuation;
  • and “eyedrop” on email between Arnie Gunderson and Prof. Christopher Busby on why there’s no info available on birth defects in Japan.

Listen by clicking here: