NH #15: East Coast Quake, Kevin Kamps/Beyond Nuclear Interview

Here’s what happened on today’s Nuclear Hotseat podcast:

  • Interview w/Kevin Kamps, Nuclear Waste Watchdog for Beyond Nuclear, on what to do with 75,000 TONS of nuclear waste and how to keep one’s balance while dealing with such intense information;
  • Today’s 5.8 East Coast quake knocks out emergency generator at  Virginia nuke plant and causes NRC “unusual occurrences” at eight others;
  • Arnie Gunderson on Japan’s burning of nuclear waste as “recreating Fukushima”
  • Canada to finally test food sources for radiation – fish and caribou
  • Evacute Fukushima video and petition to force the Japanese government to evacuate the children of Fukushima – please sign and share!
  • Activist Minute w/Phil Klasky of San Francisco State University speaking to the students among you
  • …and what the Nuclear Numnutz say to each other when they think we aren’t listening.

Here’s the link: