NH #27: November 24, 2011

My tech guy just fixed a weeks-long lock-out from this site, which is why I’ve fallen behind.  I’ll catch up on the missed podcasts and blog posts as quickly as I can, but for now, here’s today’s podcast:


  • Terrific interview on the proposed California ballot initiative to shut down all in-state nuclear reactors with Ben Davis, Jr., who wrote it and spearheads the drive to collect signatures and get it passed.
  • Fukushima Diary blogger Mochizuki interrogated by 4 “officials” in Japan on his anti-nuclear activities and has been intimidated into considering leaving the country – help needed, fast, on political asylum and donations so he can move.  Go to: www.FukushimaDiary.com.
  • Fukushima designer admits that the reactors are now in China Syndrome – melt-through to possible hydrovolcanic explosion;
  • TWO, count them, TWO accidents in TWO days at Brunswick Nuclear Plant in North Carolina;
  • two important Fukushima studies revealed to be edited by pro-nuker;
  • NRC poses the zen question, “When is strontium 90 NOT strontium 90?”
  • Background radiation spikes to danger level (3 x Background radiation) for first time in Los Angeles;
  • Japanese food supply showing first indications of radioactivity above even the government’s inflated levels;
  • 1% of Fukuoka, Japan’s population (15,000) show up for an anti-nuke demo; what would 1% turnout look like in YOUR home town?  Let’s try, shall we…?!