NH #6: Nuclear Hotseat for August 9, 2011

Here’s the link to this week’s Nuclear Hotseat podcast:

  • Interview with Aileen Mioko Smith, Executive Director of Green Action – Japan, based in Kyoto, about her work with families of Fukushima on evacuation issues;
  • Mainstream media stories on Japanese government hiding the radiation plume path after Fukushima;
  • Activist Voices – Mary Beth Branagan from EON3.net on how to fight depression stemming from the state of the world (HINT: if you’re here, you’re doing it already!)
  • Mainstream media starts to wake up.
  • Easy activist actions: sign a petition, write a letter
  • Nuke plants as eco-tourist attractions…?

Ailene Mioko Smith has requested that we send letters of support for her group’s efforts on behalf of Fukushima families to allow the 300,000 children living in the radiation zone to be evacuated.  Details on the show; here’s the address:

The Honorable Ichiro Fujisaki

Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Sources for this week’s show included: enenews.com, Dr. Helen Caldicott’s Facebook site; New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NuclearFreePlanet.org, nirs.org, and citizen-activists like you!