NH #94: San Onofre Shocker: Elmo Out, Howell In! + Gary Headrick Explains SCE’s Slickery

INTERVIEW:  Gary Headrick of San Clemente Green walks us through recent manipulations and slickery by Southern California Edison and explains why SCE’s request for a licensing hearing by the NRC is not the same as an adjudicated licensing hearing by the NRC.  Plus the sudden departure of NRC Region IV head Elmo Collins, the new power of nuclear engineer Art Howell to influence the SanO hearings, and a juicy quote from former NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko on what it’s really like on the inside of the institution charged with “Protecting People and the Environment” from the scourge of nuclear. 

Retirement: It's a good thing... because rats are always the first ones off a sinking ship
Retirement: It’s a good thing… because rats are always the first ones off a sinking ship!


  • Arkansas nuke plant accident kills 1, injures 8;
  • New study indicates nuke plant shutdowns reduce local cancer rates;
  • Quebec puts a moratorium on uranium exploration and development;
  • Cops turn Indian anti-nuke protest into mass jailing;
  • Tohoku Electric decides: no new nukes will be built in Fukushima (can you believe they were thinking seriously about it?!?);
  • Nuclear Reactors: When Animals Attack!
  • …and much more!