NH #87: Boxer/Markey Nuclear Bombshell, Toronto Trainstopper Zach “No Cameco” Ruiter

INTERVIEW:  Zach “No Cameco” Ruiter, Canadian activist, on the recent Toronto Idle No More-led blockade of a train outside GE-Hitachi’s mid-city uranium processing facility.  Plus words of wisdom and strategy for activists hoping to make a difference in their local communities.

Zach “No Cameco” Ruiter joins with Idle No More at the Toronto Train Blockade protesting GE-Hitachi


  • Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Ed Markey blister the NRC w/a leaked document from Mitsubishi showing that SCE knew of design flaws BEFORE it installed the flawed, leaking steam generators at San Onofre;
  • Navy seamen exposed to the worst of Fukushima radiation as part of the humanitarian Operation Tomodachi now suffering from leukemia, testicular cancer, brain lesions, loss of sight;
  • Fukushima physicians report their “physical state is not well;
  • Fukushima boy found w/6,000 disintegrations per second in his body – 50 disintegrations per kilogram of body weight leads to irreversible lesions in vital organs;
  • NEW!  Nuclear Hotseat’s weekly NRC report, otherwise known as DUCK!


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