NH #85: Journalist Karl Grossman Reveals 40+ Years of Nuke Media Manipulation

INTERVIEW:  Special encore presentation of Karl Grossman, veteran journalist with over 45 years of covering nuclear issues.  Karl knows where the metaphoric “bodies” are buried and reveals how the nuclear story has been gamed since before the Trinity Test in New Mexico in 1945.  One of the most fascinating interviews ever to appear on the podcast.


  • Republicans on House Energy and Commerce Committee refuse to learn any lessons from the Japan Lessons Learned from Fukushima Task Force, rejects NRC’s safety recommendations.
  • NRC pushes back San Onofre never-start decision to late April or early May.
  • Vogtle and Summer new nuke construction delayed again because contractor Southern Company can’t even get the concrete and rebar right.
  • TEPCO may be forced to permanently shut down largest nuclear facility in the world because “inactive” quake faults may not be so inactive.
  • Bulgaria nixes nukes by voter no-show at referendum.
  • European Union finds nuclear decontamination a growth industry, but Fukushima can barely fill 10% of its decontamination jobs.  Gee, I wonder why…


“Critical Blocks” – toy block set to create your own miniature nuclear power plant!  Can you say, “Propaganda?”

This is Propaganda


Free book (pdf) by Karl Grossman: COVER UP: What You Are NOT supposed to Know about Nuclear


Additional sites to visit to learn more about Karl Grossman‘s extraordinary work:


  • Friends of the Earth has a new TV ad campaign on San Onofre, just in time for the first anniversary of the shut-down: