NH #84: Nuclear Collusion, Radioactive Food w/Beyond Nuclear’s Cindy Folkers


  • IAEA declares 47 Japanese reactors in “Long Term Shutdown;”
  • Allegations of voter fraud arise after Japan’s general election that brought in a pro-nuke government;
  • Nuke industry pre-3/11/13 talking points pushing the disinformation that “radiophobia” – fear of radiation – as more harmful to health than radiation <!>;
  • Fuku fish caught w/2,500 times more radiation than Japan’s bloated safety limit – it would even be illegal to import to and sell in the US!;
  •  NRC asleep at the wheel – literally – as committee chair (NOT Allison MacFarlane) nods off during Arnie Gundersen’s report on San Onofre… and the #2 man gets upset that Arnie had the NERVE to offer more info than he was willing to accept.