NH #83: Dr. Helen Caldicott!

Dr. Helen Caldicott talks for the first time about her March 11-12 Symposium: The Medical and Environmental Consequences of Fukushima – a watershed event for our movement, involving doctors, scientists and researchers from around the world.  She explains how she became an anti-nuclear activist while still a teenager, how she founded three of our most important organizations, and offers insights on how to make our activism even more effective. Simply the best!


  • Vogtle reactor ready for the nuclear “ding and dent” center (but the NRC says the shrinkwrap wasn’t damaged!);
  • Fukushima governor hospitalized with symptoms consistent with exposure to radiation;
  • Miyagi rice contaminated with too much radiation for Japan… but it’s still legal to sell it in the US;
  • NRC’s Chair Macfarlane meets with San Onofre activists, but will it make any difference in the other Commissioners’ decision on restart?
  • Arnie Gundersen on the failing economics of nuclear energy (http://www.fairewinds.com/content/fairewinds-podcast)
  • And much, much more…!


Books by Dr. Helen Caldicott are available at:


Tom English’s new song, “What Part of Fukushima Do You Not Understand?” – video by Myla Reson

Good article from Forbes on New Centralized Nuclear Plants – and lots of reasons Why They are Not an Investment Worth Making: